Stock photography Books and resoruces

Stock Photography: The Complete Guide, Ann and Carl Purcell, Writer’s Digest Books
An excellent and extensive handbook on working in stock photography. Tips on negotiating, pricing, contracts and rights.
Shooting for Stock, George Schaub, Amphoto
The path to success in stock photography is one paved with obstacles. This book outlines the tips, techniques and advice for walking without much stumbling.
The Photographer's Market Guide to Photo Submission and Portfolio Formats
by Michael Willins
Average Customer Review: This fairly comprehensive book covers basically everything one needs to know about marketing one's photographs. The first half of the book features useful sections on storage of one's work, setting up a business plan, communicating with clients, promotion, copyright, and many other critically...
Negotiating Stock Photo Prices, Jim Pickerell, Pickerell Marketing, Diamond Bar, California
Extensive information on contract negotiations and pricing for a variety of markets and uses. Includes information on maintaining copyright protection and use restrictions.
Stock Photography Business Forms, Michal Heron, Writer’s Digest Books
All the forms needed to shoot and sell stock photography and includes a good list of resources and related books and organizations.
How to Shoot Stock Photos that Sell, Michael Heron, Writer’s Digest Books/Allworth Press
For freelance and commercial photographers, this book includes excellent tips and advice on photographing for stock and working with stock agencies.
Pricing Photography: The Complete Guide to Assignment and Stock Prices, Michael Heron and David MacTavish, Allworth Press
Explains how to price and negotiate both assignment and stock photography prices. Includes detailed pricing charts and a pricing guideline section.
Stock Photography Handbook, ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers), 419 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016, (212) 889-9144
A technical and expert commentary on stock photography, this book covers all aspects of the industry from pricing and negotiating to contracts and copyrights. Includes a listing of stock agencies and samples of their “want lists”.
2005 Photographers Market (Photographer's Market)
by Donna Poehner (Editor), Erika Kruse (Editor)
Portfolios That Sell
by Selina Oppenheim


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